Captain Training

Introduction to Tandem Video (Part 1)

Part 1 of 2; Tandem basics classroom session, for captains (pilots) and stokers. Recorded from Challenged Athletes Foundation Tandem Cycling Clinic presented by the Blind Stokers Club, October 17, 2015.

Blindness Can't Slow 83-year-old Cyclist,

a feature article on the BSC, by Pam Kragen, March 2017.

Listen to 2-part interview with BSC founder and director Dave White and stoker David Kuttnauer, aired on UT Radio 2/28/2014

The BSC aims to share recreational cycling with those who can’t see well enough to pilot a bike.

The Blind Stokers Club applies principles of setting and attaining a goal, fundraising, mentoring, teamwork, along with the joy and freedom of bicycling and the adventure of travel with a group.  Since 2005, BSC members have pedaled over 400,000 member miles.  BSC contributions to lives grow and snowball, as more members are engaged in more sporting activities in more places.

Tandeming is a team sport, and requires 2 teammates (stoker and captain) to be matched in size and personality.  Each stoker in the program is matched with a captain and tandem.  Each captain serves as a cycling mentor and coach for his/her stoker teammate.  Captains and stokers have responsibilities for maintaining communication with their partners and club-mates, and for ensuring that the 3 essential components are prepared for rides.  Teams remote to San Diego create their own training and activity program in their area.  Pictured at left is blind stoker Dr. Gibdel Wilson with a BSC tandem loaned and shipped to him in Costa Rica.

BSC team racing at Paracycling Nationals

Blind Stokers Club pedals across San Diego County,

a feature about the BSC, by Lucia Viti, June 2019.