BSC ADVENTURES (BSCA) is an initiative within the Blind Stokers Club (BSC) for those members exploring beyond the core cycling program.

BSCA is not so much about going higher, farther or faster – rather a challenge of the imagination, to venture away from norms of place and lifestyle, and seek diversity of experience to delight the soul.

BSC Adventures are group travel bike touring and other opportunities for BSC members (local and remote), made affordable through need-based grants sourced from crowdfunding donations.

Who Benefits:  A few BSC Adventurers are spot-lighted here; many more members seek similar opportunities . . .


Next:  [To be determined].  Bicycle touring along the shores of Lake Michigan, August 1-8, 2020, CANCELLED due to COVID-19 response.

Future Candidates:  San Juan Islands, Lewis & Clark segment, Hostel Int'l Christmas Tour, RAGBRAI, CA Gold Country, AZ Sonoran Desert, Great American Rail Trail (segment) . . .

Previous Examples by BSC or Members:  Borrego Springs, Big Bear, Arroyo Grande, Palm Springs, RAGBRAI, Achieve Tahoe, Taiwan circumnavigation with the Knights, Team Sea to See Training Camp, San Francisco to La Jolla bike tour.


LMB's 34th annual Shoreline West 2020.

Read Testimonials from BSCA-Borrego grant recipients.

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Questions and comments:  director@blindstokersclub.org

Mark Woodard lives for adventures, like the No Barriers Summit with Erik Weihenmayer, 10-day bike tour around Taiwan with Stephen Stewart and the Knights in the Darkness, and Team Sea to See Training Camp with the first blind tandem relay team to complete the Race Across America.

Diana Rose has traveled by bike in China, delivered a tandem to Thailand to help a friend start Pedal Pals of Siam (inspired by the BSC), and joined up with Adaptive Sports Iowa and 10,000 cyclists in the annual RAGBRAI Ride Across Iowa.

Tom Perez has enjoyed adventure camps and activities like Military Sports Camp with Achieve Tahoe, Valor Games Far West, and Tandem Cycling Development Camp hosted by the USABA.