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The Blind Stokers Club (BSC) has roots from 2005, based on teamwork and mentoring, to introduce and share the simple pleasures of recreational bicycling with those who cannot see well enough to pilot a bike.  Birthplace and base camp for the BSC is San Diego, California USA, however you can live anywhere and be a BSC member. The Club operates by forming teams and conducting rides.  Teams are composed of 3 parts: stoker, captain, and tandem bike.

U.S. Parcycling team pair with World Champion Karissa Whitsell (right) and Olympic medalist Mari Holden (left center) return tandem to BSC stoker Erika after training camp in Alpine, CA.

About the protection of personal data and partner finding:  All personal data will be hidden from users, and protected by the BSC Director.  Remote partner finding will be initiated and controlled by prospective stokers, who will individually be provided with contact data for prospective captain(s).  Other than prospective tandem captains, personal information will not be released, unless specifically authorized.

July 6-7, 2024

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The Knights in the Darkness brought  goodwill and trust all the way from Taipei, Taiwan, to enjoy Cycling for Sight with BSC members.

BSC reaches across the USA and around the world - a request came from a member of India's national cycling team, for a racing tandem to enable and promote blind tandeming in his country - BSC delivered. Pictured are Arham with blind stokers Niket and Sanket, completing regional challenge rides and the Great Himalayan Ultra road race.  We celebrate personal and ambitious goals and achievements with our friends in India and everywhere!

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