Remember, a team member’s first contact on any issue should be your assigned tandem partner.  Communicate and discuss.  If unable to solve the issue, consult the appropriate club resource from the list below or on the BSC Roster.

BSC Code of Cycling Standards

In addition to helmet, BSC cyclists are expected to bring adherence to all laws and rules of the road, respect for others sharing the roadspace, and a friendly awareness and support of others in your riding group.  League of American Bicyclists “Smart Cycling” course is a club standard.

Each BSC tandem captain must have tools, materials and expertise to repair a flat.

Every BSC bike needs toolbag with multi-tool, CO2 or pump system, spare tube(s) and tire boot.

Each BSC cyclist should carry ID, emergency information, money and fluids & snacks.

BSC MEMBER RESOURCES - Apply or Renew your BSC membership for 2018.

BSC Program Description is your passport to JOIN the club, and access to the BSC Roster.

BSC 2018 Ride & Activity Calendar - Anyone is welcome to join BSC rides, helmet required.

BSC Roster - contains members, coordinators, support people, substitute captains.

Need a substitute tandem captain or carpool ride? Use the Roster, email or post on BSC FB.


Mon Jan 1, 2018, New Year Day Ride, details

Sat Jan 27, 2018, BSC Rollout Ride & Picnic, details

Sat Feb 10, 2018, BSC-CFS Training Ride, details

Sat Feb 24, 2018, BSC NAS-NI & Bayshore Bikeway Ride, details

Sat Mar 10, 2018, BSC-CFS Training Ride, details

Sat Mar 24, 2018, BSC Ride & Stoker Shopping Spree, details

Sat Apr 7, 2018, BSC-CFS Training Ride, details

Sat Apr 21, 2018, BSC-CFS Training Ride, details

Sat May 5, 2018, BSC-CFS Training Ride, details

Sat May 19, 2018, BSC-CFS Training Ride, details

Sat Jun 2, 2018, BSC-CFS Training Ride, details

Sat Jun 16, 2018, BSC-CFS Ride & RAAM Team Sea to See sendoff, details

Sat-Sun, Jun30-Jul1, 2018, 14th Cycling for Sight with the BSC, details

BSC Corporate Sponsor Guidelines - Your “How To” guide for pursuit of grants and gifts.

Prospective tandem captains may benefit from these pilot tips, and etiquette suggestions for working with blind or visually impaired stokers.  Above all, BSC tandem teams are encouraged to develop riding and partnership techniques that are safe and suit yourselves.

Need more information on a club ride, contact BSC Ride Coordinator Tiff Kramer.

BSC Chief Mechanic Patrick Nelissen can help you solve bike issues.

Need transportation for people or bikes to a club ride or activity, contact Transportation Coordinator Sue Stewart.  Note - basic Stoker transport plan is included in the Roster.

In addition to  many captains with tandems, the following people and organizations are thanked for providing donated, loaned, or granted tandem equipment to the BSC:

   Al & Steve Tarkington       J. D. Dudek

Bob Groff & Yvonne Paris      Dave Knop

    Bill & Laurie Davis           The Knickerbikers

Braille Institute    Dave & Nancy White  Marc Homan

    The Challenged Athletes Foundation

Dave Franklin         Eric Lloyd        Michael Snyder

    John & Joyce O’Shaughnessy   Ben Willetts  

Roseanne Young    Jeremy Poincenot    Erika Garcia

    Art Jones     John Miller     Kathleen Waddell

Steve & Phyllis Murphy    David Schwartz

Peter Dawson    Gregg Stavros    Dave Weston

Jennifer Erwin & Tony Morrison    Dennis Sattler

ANdy Granda     Kurt Junge     Carl Weymann    Patrick Lennon    David Garber     Mark Kaufman   Michael Snyder    David Adler

Jennifer Walker Ferguson

Ron Peterka     Richard Lewis

Stephanie Dozmati   Joe Brown

Todd Shusterman

Santana donated to the BSC by Dave Knop